Create a Killer 90-day Marketing Plan for Standout Success: Episode 14 & 15

strategy Apr 22, 2021

Part 1: Episode 14

If you’re not seeing the growth you want in your business, this episode is for you. Most small business owners struggling to grow think they're not big enough to need a strategic marketing plan.

But what they don't realise is the growth potential and benefits of developing a strategic marketing plan now, will far outweigh the negatives in both the short and long-term. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why every small business wanting to grow, needs a strategic marketing plan NOW
  • The problems a marketing plan will solve for small business owners
  • The step-by-step essential information to put in your marketing plan to ensure you’ve got solid foundations and aren’t basing your decisions on false assumptions and therefore wasting time and money.
  • What to do if you don’t have the time, knowledge or resources to create a marketing plan
  • Your free and easy to use marketing plan template to download

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Download your free 2 page 90-Day Marketing Success Planner template and start make your marketing create a bigger impact and faster growth. 

All I ask in return is that you spread the word and tell your friends about the podcast. It could make all the difference to helping a fellow business owner grow their business. 

Part 2: Episode 15

If you want marketing that gets results, and your business to stand out and grow, then creating a killer marketing plan is essential. In this second part of the series, we’re getting into what actions you need to take to create the biggest impact in your business, and to do it without the overwhelm and usual frustrations.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • to work out what’s working, what’s not, and what’s missing in your marketing
  • the steps you need to take to determine what marketing activities to prioritise and what actions to take to reach your goals 

Remember to download your 90 day Marketing Success Planner to get better results and make your marketing strategy so much easier to put together. 

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