Mind Blowing Facebook Ad Strategies for Success | Ep 10 Podcast

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Mind Blowing Insider Strategies for Facebook Ad Success | Ep 10 Podcast

The majority of small business owners never find any great success with Facebook Ads, but with a little know how, it can be one of the most effective and affordable ways to advertise.

Today on the podcast I’m talking to Facebook and Instagram Ads expert, Dahna Borg from Bright Red Marketing to pick her brain and uncover some of the best insider strategies that you can implement in your business straight away. It’s so easy to create ads on Facebook but there are certain things you absolutely need to know if you have any chance of your ads achieving their goals.

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why is picking the right campaign type is so important (and how to choose)
  • Facebook makes selecting audiences look so easy, but what are the 
  • Insider strategies to selecting the right audience for bigger impact 
  • Where to find creative inspiration
  • How to read results so you know if you Facebook ads are working or not
  • The biggest mistakes you see small businesses make with Facebook ads

Guest - Dahna Borg, Bright Red Marketing

Dahna founded Bright Red Marketing at just 19 and has spent the last decade learning the ins and outs of marketing. These days she specialises in Facebook and Instagram ads for eCommerce. Dahna lives on the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia, and when she’s not working she’s at the beach, hanging out with friends, and drinking too many hot chocolates (with extra chocolate!).

Connect with Dahna


@brightredmarketing on Instagram

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