Overcoming Money Obstacles for Faster Growth with Clare Wood | Episode 17

strategy May 12, 2021

Money drives most business decisions, yet we all have money mindset obstacles and advantages that play a role in whether we grow our business fast and with confidence, or slowly and by putting in more and more of our own time.

Business coach and money mentor Clare Wood shares with us her expert insights, tips and strategies to overcoming your small business money obstacles so you can start growing faster.

Clare is a self confessed numbers nerd, who left her job as an accountant in the corporate world to become a business couch and money mentor, and a wrangler of 2 little boys.

With a love of empowering entrepreneurs to manage their money and make more money, Clare is here to talk about obstacles that might be holding back the growth of your business, and strategies to navigate the path to bigger impact.

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Clare Wood

Clare Wood is a business coach and a money mentor. She’s a numbers nerd (a CPA), a wrangler of two boys, a drinker of wine, a gym junkie, a wanderluster and a podcaster with a reality TV addiction. She loves empowering entrepreneurs to manage their money and make more money.

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