How to Grow Fantastic Customer Relationships in 17 Simple Ways

customers Nov 09, 2020

If you want to improve your sales rates and your customer satisfaction, then you need to build greater relationships with your customers.

Connecting with your customers isn’t a wham-bam-do-it-once and you’re good to go. It’s the little things that make all the difference.

Think about experiences you’ve had as a customer. What were some stand outs that made you fall in love with the brand? Or at the other end of the spectrum, what did you hate that you then went and told all your friends about it?

We’ve compiled a quick list of 18 simple things you can do to connect with your customer base so they’ll rave about you and your business more, and complain less. Because word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools.

17 Ways to Having Happy Customers

  1. Hand write a note to say thanks. Sign and post it. Sometimes something so simple can be so powerful.
  2. Your invoices don’t need to be boring. Add a few words to make them feel valued.
  3. Tell your story. People connect with people. Get personal in your ‘About Us’ page on your website, in the media, or at a networking function.
  4. Use your customer’s language in your marketing. Talk how they talk.
  5. Use empathy. Especially during these uncertain times.
  6. Pick up the phone. No, you’re not going to call all of your customers (unless of course you have a very small list!). Reach out to your best customers personally. It’s a fantastic way to take the guesswork out of your planning by asking them how you can help, and to gauge any concerns or problems they may have. But just remember, these aren’t sales calls.
  7. Use key messages that portray what results your products or services provide and to what problem, plus what differentiates you from the pack. And use those messages everywhere.
  8. Show your personality. Just because you’re in business doesn’t mean you have to be boring. Being quirky or fun can really get you connection.
  9. Don’t be annoying by using email and social media to communicate only what you want, rather than what the customer needs and wants. Share great content that’s relevant and provides value. As the legendary marketer Seth Godin once said, ‘Just because you have the money to interrupt somebody, doesn’t mean they want to hear from you.’ So true.
  10. Be consistent in your communication. Ensure your email, blog, podcast, social media are all on brand and providing value to your customers.
  11. People consume emails differently based on their personality and circumstances. So you need to cater to the different personality traits and alternate how you communicate, to gain the best engagement and conversion. From long-form writing, to stories, dot-points, to video or audio.
  12. Be honest and ethical (that should go without saying!)
  13. You need to show up every day on social media. Make sure you post at least once a day to drive views and engagement. Mix it up between sharing videos, images, questions, tips, and links to your website.  And as we’ve said before, provide value - it’s not all about you, it’s about your customer.
  14. Everything you do needs to come back to what your customers and prospective customers want and how you can be of service to them.
  15. Always communicate internally first. Your employees need to know first (every single time) what is going on within the business. This builds trust and connection and morale. And helps with the communication flow to your customers.
  16. Plan it! Before you go any further, work out what you’re trying to achieve by connecting with your customers and potential customers. This will drive what you do. I cannot stress the importance of planning – especially strategically planning your marketing. Really, truly!
  17. Add a live chat box to your home page or sales pages and if you’ve got an online store, also add it to your checkout page. Your audience wants connection and you’ll increase conversions if you’re willing to listen and answer questions at a time that suits the customer - right then and there when they’re making their buying decision. Our favourites are or ManyChat but there are plenty out there both free and paid.

Now it’s your turn to pick at least three of the above and take action. Which ones will you choose?

If you have any questions or need help to find clarity in your marketing, please contact us. We love growing businesses and making standout marketing simpler.


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