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Simply Standout Marketing Podcast

with Nicci O’Mara

Discover what actions to take to make your business truly standout and succeed. Each week we’ll help you supercharge your marketing with simple, actionable strategies and inspiration, so you can grow your business.


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3 Steps To Make 2022 Your Best Year Ever (even after a rough start) | Ep 36

Did you have great intentions to start 2022 with a bang, and instead, nothing has gone to plan? Well, as far as I’m concerned it’s time...
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Marketing to Mums - Amazing Strategies to Supercharge Your Marketing with Katrina McCarter Ep22

Responsible for an annual spend of over $132 billion dollars each year in Australia alone, mums present an enormous opportunity to businesses of...
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3 Tiny Marketing Tweaks with Big Outcomes | Ep 02 Podcast

There’s nothing like injecting some momentum back into your marketing with some quick wins, so in this episode, I’ve got three small...
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What Simply Standout Marketing Podcast
Listeners Are Saying...

Mini Sandcrabs

Simple and easy to implement.
"I loved every minute of the episodes I listened to. So many “ah-ha” moments. A must for any small business!"


"This podcast is a must for any small business owner wanting to grow. Everything’s explained so well. It’s going to make a real difference to how we do marketing"


Life Saver!
"Nicci... you have made my life so much easier. It is so hard when starting your own small business to also spend a huge amount on marketing. So this podcast has made a huge impact on our business, it’s all explained so easily and good to follow. Seriously you are AMAZING!

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