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If you want to grow, you need to stand out

We make brands stand out with powerful messaging and strategic marketing because growing their business will change their life.


Most marketing is a waste of money, but successful brands know that you can truly stand out and grow if you get your messaging right and invest in proven marketing strategies.

We create thriving businesses for our clients through powerful messaging, captivating content, and standout marketing strategies that get results every time.

What We Do

We give you the keys to successfully attract the right customers, create demand, and generate sales, which most business owners fail to achieve.

Brand Messaging

A brand can have the best product or service around, but if your messaging doesn’t speak your audience's language, and you’re not addressing their problems, doubts, and the transformation they desire, then they’re not going to pay any attention to you.

Your brand messaging is the foundation of all your marketing and communication, and if you get it right, your marketing will attract and convert more of the right people. We delve into your audience’s mind and expertly bundle compelling information into a couple of carefully crafted sentences that help you to standout and influence your audience to pay attention.

Marketing Strategy

You can spend all the money you want on fancy websites, advertising or social media, but if it’s not backed by a solid marketing strategy that integrates and supercharges your marketing, it won’t lead to the big results that come with getting your marketing strategy right. So if you’re not seeing the growth you want in your business, we bring everything together in a proven system that sets clear priorities of exactly what needs to be done to achieve success faster and more sustainably, with the budget available. Great strategic marketing that works together to create a powerful brand is what is going to allow you to standout and grow.

Website Development

Did you know that up to 97% of website visitors, leave your site without ever taking action? Because it’s one thing to attract visitors to your website. but it’s another, to convince them to stay and take action. We’ve created the perfect framework that can help you to turn your website into a lead generating machine. With standout messaging, compelling SEO copy, results-driven strategy, and first-rate website design and development, we create websites that get exceptional results.

Content Creation

We use our decades of copywriting experience to create compelling copy that is backed by strategy, so that your business consistently attracts, engages, convinces, and converts more of the right people. Our content tells your customer’s story and makes you standout from the crowd. We are professionals in writing SEO optimised website and blog copy, email creation, lead magnets, media releases, and sales material. We believe there’s no point in wasting your time with average content. It’s your time to standout, stand for something great, and shine.

Sales Funnel

The key to consistently generating sales with better-qualified leads and less effort than traditional marketing is through developing a sales funnel. We’ll help guide your ideal customers step-by-step through the stages of purchase from awareness to retention by building a system that turns complete strangers into your biggest fans. We can write and design your lead magnet, landing page, email series, and automate it all so that you can go about the important business of selling.

Online Audit

Are you struggling to determine what parts of your marketing are truly reaching their goals, what fresh opportunities are out there, and what changes you should make for bigger results? Let us take an objective, honest, and in-depth look into your marketing, to discover what areas you need to concentrate on, to achieve a bigger impact and better return on investment. We use our decades of experience to analyse your marketing so that you can stop wasting money, and move forward with confidence with an action plan full of recommendations and priorities.

Your Success Path to Growth

It’s simple to do business with Simply Standout Marketing.
  1. Understand
    First, we get to know you and your business so that we fully understand the problems you’re facing, the goals you want to achieve, and the audience you serve.
  2. Recommend
    We develop prioritised recommendations of what you need to do to achieve the biggest impact on your growth, within your budget.
  3. Create
    This is where the real magic happens. We use our expertise to create your messaging, strategies, website, content, and tactics for growth.
  4. Achieve Growth
    Watch your marketing take flight and start seeing the difference it makes to your leads, relationships, engagement, and sales.


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See What Our Clients Have To Say


We highly recommend Nicci to any business looking to review or create a marketing strategy for their business.

"We engaged Nicci to prepare a comprehensive marketing strategy and plan for Synergy. We are extremely happy with the work Nicci has completed and continues to undertake for our business. Nicci prepared a plan that was within our budget, whilst also giving us various options as to what we could achieve with varying budget amounts and where our money would be best focused. Having a marketing strategy that is aligned with your business strategy and goals is essential for any business wanting to grow, and we highly recommend Nicci for this process. ”

Angie Barnard
Managing Director, Synergy Accountants

Nicci really puts your mind at ease when explaining marketing strategies

“Nicci from Simply Standout Marketing supplied me with a greater understanding of the importance of targeting the right audience and the best way to engage with that specific target market. She was an absolute delight to work with and is incredibly thorough. She really puts your mind at ease when explaining marketing strategies and what is needed for your organisation. Nicci was always very prompt in responding and all of my work was delivered on time.”

Ben Bjarnesen
LGBTQ Domestic Violence Awareness Foundation

Nicci really helped us think outside the box and beyond the traditional forms of marketing

“Before we started working with Nicci, we didn’t have a clear strategy of where to spend our marketing dollars and were stuck in our "tried and true way" of doing things. Nicci really helped us think outside the box and beyond the traditional forms of marketing. The number one thing that we get from having a marketing strategy is we’re able to measure our performance and determine the success of our marketing. I’d recommend every business get a proper marketing strategy done from the very start. Have Nicci assess your business and your current strategy, and let her come up with a plan based on your budget and take the step. Take the step to just say yes and run with it.”

Mick O'Connor
Sales Director, Gessner

You’re one step away from having marketing that gets people saying “YES PLEASE”.

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